Real Talk: Prep-time edition

Okay, boys and girls.. time for the honest truth. Most teachers get a little something called prep-time, or a prep period.  The purpose is meant to be for planning or preparation.     Let’s talk about that a minute. In theory that’s a great idea. Our profession is notorious for leaving us working well outside of school hours.  I don’t need to tell you how much we’re responsible for, and the time that it takes which we don’t have.  Especially in a position like mine where I am teaching between 8 and 10 classes per day, and they’re all different!  … Continue reading Real Talk: Prep-time edition


We all have that point in life; the one where you have to make a decision. Maybe it happens more than once. It certainly has for me. I’m not just talking about the small decisions. You know, whether or not to wear white after labor day. Fortunately, Rachel and I have another thing in common, too. We’ve got a hell of a group of friends at our side when things go amiss. If you know me, then you’ve heard already  that I decided to leave my career comfort zone. I’ve been teaching elementary general music for eight of my ten … Continue reading Crossroads